Cortina en eté

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The trails

To the west of Cortina, it is possible to visit the Falzàrego pass characterized by a rural landscape, covered with stone masses and solitary fir trees. Many activities are available: clean trekking paths, rock gyms, mountain bike trails. Spending a night in a shelter it is possible to witness extraordinary sunsets and delicate sunrises which colour the sky pink and reflect different shades of light on the mountains, a step away from the skies. The area known as Giau Pass at 2236 m is an interesting place due to the archaeological remains retrieved, such as the tomb of the Mesozoic hunter of 8000 years ago with all the burial objects or a stele with the name of a Rhaetian deity inscribed thereon or a Longobard spear.

Excursions versant Faloria

  • Mappe Faloria - Cristallo - Mietres, été
  • Parcours naturel du Faloria
  • Refuge Faloria - refuge Vandelli e Lac Sorapiss: parcours 213 -215
  • Refuge Faloria - Val Orita - Fraina: parcours 213 - 214
  • Refuge Faloria - Rio Gere - Mandres: parcours 212 - 206
  • Mandres e Porte del Dio Silvano: parcours 220
  • Fraina - Malga Lareto - Mietres: parcours 220 - 210 - 206

Excursions versant Cristallo

  • Anello di Forcella Zumeles: parcours 205 - 204 - 211
  • Son Forca-Val Padeon-Ospitale ou parcours: parcours 203-202-201
  • Forcella Zumeles - Val Padeon: parcours 211 - 204 - 203