Cortina in Winter

The trails

To the west of Cortina, it is possible to visit the Falzàrego pass characterized by a rural landscape, covered with stone masses and solitary fir trees. Many activities are available: clean trekking paths, rock gyms, mountain bike trails. Spending a night in a shelter it is possible to witness extraordinary sunsets and delicate sunrises which colour the sky pink and reflect different shades of light on the mountains, a step away from the skies. The area known as Giau Pass at 2236 m is an interesting place due to the archaeological remains retrieved, such as the tomb of the Mesozoic hunter of 8000 years ago with all the burial objects or a stele with the name of a Rhaetian deity inscribed thereon or a Longobard spear.

The ski resorts

Cortina and its surroundings form part of the Dolomites Supersky circuit, one of the biggest Ski Resorts in the world which extends from Alto Adige to Trentino upto the Belluno region where it is possible to use one skipass.

The cableways are over thirty and include 4 cablecars, 20 chairlifts, 10 ski lifts. The downhill ski slopes are more than 80, mostly concentrated in Tofana, and in ski areas of Cortina Cube (Mietres – Cristallo – Faloria) and Cinque Torri – Col Gallina – Lagazuoi. On the other hand the cross-country ski trails are divided into tracks with different levels of difficulty covering an overall distance of 58 km, principally accessed in the Fiames area and on the so-called Dolomites Bike Path.

The Snowpark

The Cortina Snowpark, in the Tofane area close to Socrepes (San Zan ski trail) was inaugurated, which thanks to a four-seat chairlift, is 500 metres long and is sub-divided into two areas with different levels of difficulty: the Easy Line, intended for beginners, the Media Line intended only for expert snowboarders.

List of the downhill ski slopes

  • Tofane of Rozes from the mountain peak of Lagazuoi
  • Black ski slope “Franchetti” in Faloria.
  • Cima Scotoni and Cima Fanis from Lagazuoi.
  • The Forcella Averau ski slope to Passo Giau.
  • Ski slopes from the cable car of Cortina-Ra Valles Freccia nel Cielo:
    • Pian Ra Valles;
    • Bus Tofana;
    • Forcella Rossa.
  • Ski slopes from the chairlifts Rumerlo-Tofana-Pomedes:
    • Olimpia (on which slope the Female Ski World Cup is hosted every year);
    • Pomedes;
    • Caprioli;
    • Labirinti;
    • Vertigine Bianca.
  • Tofanina;
  • Canalone (on which slope the female downhill skiing was hosted during the 1956 Olympics);
  • Cacciatori.
  • Ski slopes from the cable car of Cortina-Col Drusciè “Freccia nel Cielo” and of the chairlift Colfiere-Col Drusciè:
    • Col Drusciè A (on which slope the special slaloms of the 1956 Olympics  were hosted);
    • Col Drusciè B;
    • Colfiere.
  • Ski slope from the chairlift of Ru Merlo:
    • Piemerlo.
  • Ski slopes from the cable cars of Cortina-Faloria, chairlift of Vitelli and from the ski lift of Tondi:
    • Tondi di Faloria;
    • Stra-Tondi;
    • Slittone;
    • Canalone Franchetti;
    • Vitelli ski slope (hosted the gigantic male slalom during the 1956 Olympics);
    • Normal Faloria.
  • Ski slopes from the ski lift of ra Bigontina:
    • Normal Faloria first part;
    • Vitelli second part.
  • Ski slope from the chair-lift of Cristallo:
    • Cristallo.
  • Ski slopes from the chair-lift Son Forca-Forcella Staunies:
    • Canalone Staunies (the Canalone is always open in its lower part, that is, until the intermediate stop of the chair-lift. The upper part, due to its hazardousness, closes if the snow conditions are not excellent: over the years several skiers, have lost their life.
  • Ski slopes from the chair-lift Son Forca-Padeon:
    • Padeon;
    • Son Forca.
  • Ski slopes from the chair-lift Guargnè-Col Tondo-Mietres:
    • Mietres (Slopes One, Two, Three, Four, Five);
    • Col Tondo;
    • Guargnè (used for snow bobs).
  • Ski slopes from the cable car Falzarego-Lagazuoi:
    • Lagazuoi-Falzarego;
    • Lagazuoi-Armentarola.
  • Ski slopes of the skiing circuit Cinque Torri-Averau:
    • Potor;
    • Cinque Torri;
    • Scoiattoli;
    • Forcella Nuvoalu;
    • Averau Troi;
  • Ski slopes of the circuit Col Gallina:
    • Col Gallina upper part;
    • Col Gallina;
    • Skiweg Cinque Torri.
  • Ski slope from the chairlift Pocol:
    • Pocol.
  • Ski slopes from the chairlift Olympia:
    • Olympia North;
    • Pocol.

The Dolomites Bike Path in winter is used for cross-country skiing

List of downhill skiing slopes:

  • Anello Campo Scuola (1.3 km; classic);
  • Ski Slope 3G (1.6 km; ice-skating);
  • Ski Slope 3G (2.8 km; ice-skating);
  • Ski Slope 3G (4.4 km; ice-skating);
  • Ski Slope 3G (7.5 km; ice-skating);
  • Ski Slope "Aeroporto" (3.4 km; ice-skating);
  • Ski Slope "Ferrovia" (22.8 km; classic);
  • Ski Slope "Pian de ra Spines" (6.6 km; classic);
  • Ski Slope "Pian de Loa" (10.4 km; classic);
  • Ski Slope "Passo Tre Croci" (10.0 km; classic);

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